Nordson Medical is a leading designer and manufacturer of plastic connectors for low pressure fluid management applications. Promepla is proud to be one of their few exclusive distributor of components in Europe. Discover Nordson Medical abilities below:


Nordson Medical products available from stock include over 3.100 plastic tubing components:
Major product areas include

— Quick connect fittings (quick disconnect couplings)
— Sanitary fittings or couplers
— Luer fittings and connectors
— Alternatives to luer fittings, check valves
— Tubing fittings and connectors up to 25,4mm (1″) ID
— Fittings and connectors joining plastic tubing to threaded ports
— Blood pressure fittings and connectors
— Bondable (prototyping) fittings and connectors

Nordson Medical also offers custom components manufacturing.
Main advantage of Nordson Medical products is Single Barb Concept: Many designers are not aware that barb design greatly effects the security of their tube connection. Thanks to the shape of a barb, there is no way to injection mold any but the first barb without a parting line. This parting line creates a potential leak path, which becomes more pronounced as the tooling wears, and increasing the likelihood of failure.

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Nordson Medical luers are available in various styles, sizes, and materials. Luer tapers are made to the ISO 594-1 standard, and may be connected to other luers meeting ISO standards

As one of the first to offer non-luer connnectors which meet standard ISO 80369-5 requirements specifically for blood pressure measurement, Nordson Medical remains committed to develop new, safer and more effective means of blood pressure cuff connectivity.
A variety of (Critikon) Dinamap connectors, (HP) bayonet connectors and adapters are available to fit your needs.
New lines of BPF bayonet style female quick connect fittings and BPLF quarter-turn cuff connectors.
Nordson Medical offers a unique selection of ergonomically shaped Quick Connect Fittings: the MQC, SBL and XQ Series
All these push-to-connect fittings are easy to use and provide excellent performance characteristics even at multiple connecting cycles.
Available standard materials are: Nylon, Polypropylene, and Natural Acetal.
Nordson Medical’s Quick Connect Fittings may be used with PVC, Polyurethane, Silicone and many other types of flexible tubing material. They provide a secure tube fit even without using additional glues.
If you require a custom component for a new application but need to experiment with different configurations before specifying the design, Nordson Medical offers a full line of solvent build-a-part components that help make designing a new fitting easier than ever.


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